Saturday, February 24, 2007

Guys and their minds!!!

New post finally after 1 month +... thought of ending this but think i will give blogging 1 more chance. Was on msn late last night and a guy started asking me for help.. No, he wasn't wanting me to help him relieve him of his desires.. He wanted me to teach him how to seduce a gal and make her high. Now this is a 32 yr old man who divorced before.. and he needs a 24 yr old gal to teach him how to please a gal... Are Sg men that bad at it? I know lots of gals out there fake their orgasm to make the guy feel good or just to get it over with but for a guy to go to the extend of asking other gals how he should please a gal!! This goes to show juz how lousy guys in singapore are..