Saturday, September 12, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

I know i have not been updating.. but frankly there was not a lot of stuff worth updating and work is making me very tired. Yesterday was my birthday and I had a great time.

Jack celebrated with me. His parents were away and he arranged for a candlelight dinner beside his pool. Just me and him. I knew what to expect when i agreed to it and he was really out to impress. The meal was good, the present was great, the sex was excellent.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Just curious if anyone read the comments others leave? especially the last one for misc updates.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Short Update

Just a quick update on my life for all those people concerned.

Still in the same company. Boss is not giving me as much problems now.
Still having fun clubbing, think everyone knows what it means.

Recently, i just started playing Dragonica, (go google it if you don't know what it is.) is quite interesting but i am not good in it. not much friends playing too. so do leave me a msg if u play the game too. Maybe we can link up and you can help me. haha....

Thats' all folks.

ok.. I am on the Elga server.. in-game name is hgal... need help with leveling and if anyone have nice items for magicians feel free to give me.. haha

Sunday, May 31, 2009

misc updates

Been awhile since the last update. Currently, i am still on the old job. Boss have not managed to do much other then tease me once awhile. Earlier i went to delete some of my pics in flickr and i realised i got a lot of pics there not shown due to the 200 photos limit. So now you all can go see some of my older photos if you want to.

Been feeling that I am really stupid. I met Jack while clubbing last week and I ended up at his house and only left the next morning at 9+am. No prizes for guessing what we did. It has been a while since a guy made me feel so good and i really enjoyed the sessions. Last night, i met him at the same club again. He told me that he came deliberately to look for me and he missed having sex with me. So we did it again.

Went to beach at sentosa but couldn't find a place then he drove me to east coast. We managed to see 1-2 vibrating cars but we sat at the beach to chat and when he asked for it, I did not answer him. When he made advances, I did not stop him and it happened. The night did not stop there, we had it once more at the beach followed by his car then doing it at my carpark. It felt great as usual but after everything I feel very stupid. While I was with him, his Hp rang a few times, girls were calling him and guess what he said, "Not free, I am fucking a better girl now.". I felt proud when i hear that but after awhile i feel stupid that I am still doing with him after knowing he sleeps around so much.

Stupid Stupid me should learn to control my addiction.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Unexpected Fame

How on earth did so many people started reading my blog all of a sudden?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Trouble at Work

Took me a long time to decide to update this. After the Japan trip, my boss have been hinting that he wants more. There was this time we need to go Thailand for a meeting and he asked me to prepare for "BangCock", then he said it was a typo should be Bangkok but i don't think so. I was very worried about what will happen there and took my necessary precautions mentally.

On the second last day in Thailand, after the meeting, he asked me to go to his room to amend the contract to be signed the next day. I was working on it and he offered me a drink. After awhile, i felt giddy and he noticed it. He asked me to go back and rest and we will finish up tomorrow morning. I stood up to leave and wobbled a bit. He quickly helped me and gave me a hand back to my room. He then laid me on my bed. I could hear the door close and i thought he left. I just laid there and felt very weak.

Then all of a sudden, i felt someone touching me on my inner thighs going in circles and moving upwards. I knew I had to stop it but i was really very weak and could not. He stripped me and started doing me raw. I totally got no strenght and just laid there while he did everything. I cannot say I enjoyed it but i did cum. The next day I asked him if he drugged me but he said no.

When we got back to Singapore, he gave me a pay raise and privately asked me to be his mistress. I rejected both the pay raise and the offer although I got the raise in the end. A lot of people have asked me to leave the company but it is hard to find another job that pays this well at this time. My boss have started getting more and more overbored when the 2 of us are alone, touching me here and there althought I have asked him to stop it. He is really giving me a lot of pressure at work. Troubled and I know what I should do, just that I could not bring myself to do it.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Working trip

Just returned from Japan main office with my boss and a lot of people are begging me to share with them what happened, so here it is. After work, I will have my meals with my boss and his wife then they will show me around. One particular day, his wife went back to her hometown and I spend the day with my boss. We had meals as per normal and after that, he suggested we go to a club and he told me that it is very different there.

After a few drinks, I was partially drunk and he said we should leave. He then send me to my hotel room which is not far from his house. There he whispered in my ear that i was very sexy that night and he has been fantasizing about me for a long time. I don't know how to react to it and i didn't have to, he was taking all the initiative. He kissed me and his hands were all over my body. Before i knew it, he was rubbing my breasts and pussy and it was making me horny. He started stripping me and then himself. But i stopped him from trying to put his dick in, he didn't had a condom. He then made me kneel down n positioned his dick in front of my mouth. I gave him a blowjob as he requested and swallowed everything. He then made me lie down n started licking me and fingered me till i cum. He asked me to lick my cum off his fingers and then asked if I enjoyed it but I don't know how to answer him.

Now I feel very bad for what has happened. After that day, he kept hinting to me if I wanted more. I don't know how to face him or his wife at all, esp since she is so nice to me.

Very Troubled..

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Crazy Month

The past month has been really crazy. 1st Major event since last post was chistmas eve party with Jack. 2nd was LEAVING Jack on the exact same night. Frankly, I have found evidence of him sleeping with other girls before but I have more or less turned a blind eye to it and accepted his "reasons" but catching him walking with another girl to the toilet and entering it together while I am at the same party is the last straw. 3rd major event was New Year's Eve party, was suppossed to meet some one after that but H/P was totally flat and couldn't contact him. This year has been busy till date and I am looking forward to the CNY break. Maybe will find time to meet people during CNY. hehe...