Thursday, May 12, 2011

New guy in my life?

It has been very long since I have been in any kind of relationship. I have been having my fair share of sex but fucking and making love feels different.

Recently, I managed to know a guy while clubbing. He was quite hot and managed to get my attention. To cut the story short, we had an ONS and kept in touch. This is something not very common for me as i usually keep ONS to One time. But this guy made me feels different. Although we only knew each other for a few hours but he kind of understands me. The 1st session we had, he knew how much i needed it and was all ready to please, but what is more important was after that, how he communicated with me, how he got me into the mood again etc....

Only thing is that he is slightly younger than me. We have been keeping in touch and he has been trying to make his moves. Seems like I would have lots of updates coming soon... haha