Saturday, April 28, 2007

Back to my old ways

I am once again getting back on my old ways. I thought i grew out of it some time ago but i guess i never really did. Yes, i am back with my wild ways. ONS if you still dun get it. It all happened last night. I was bored and could not sleep at 1am, then 1 of my net friends of a few months was chatting with me. He asked if i was interested to go to his house. He lives in a bungalow and his parents were overseas. His house looked big and nice in the picture and he offered to drive me there and back. Well he also promised to behave himself and we will not drink. (You guys know how easily i get drunk and how badly i behave when drunk.) I thought i seemed safe enough and said yes. I never really dressed up, just a tank top and a skirt (with bra and string of coz). Through out the journey, he was gentlemen enough. His house was bigger then i thought. The maid was asleep by then and instead of waking the maid, he did most of the things himself, getting water etc. We were chatting by the swimming pool and he asked if i wanted a night swim. I told him i was not prepared for it and he suggested skinny dipping. I said ok and went close to the pool. He followed beside me. As i was about to undress myself, i asked him to close his eyes. He did so. Then i pushed him into the pool and started laughing. Until i noticed him struggling in the water. Ok, i carried my joke too far so i better save him, or so i thought. Before i could help him out, he dragged me into the pool. We ended up playing in the pool since we were both drenched. After awhile i got out, and asked to use his bathroom to bathe and also i asked for something to change into. His eyes never left my body after i got out of the pool. My clothes were all sticking to my body and i know what he was trying to see, in fact it was obvious that he had a hardon. I bathed in his room, there was nothing for me to wear so he went to wash my clothes for me. I was lucky he has a dryer. But it was very funny, passing my bra and string to him. I don't know what he did to them while i bathed. After i bathed, i was in his oversized bathrobe chatting with him in his room. I knew i looked very seducing and he had a hard time controlling himself. I wanted to punish him for pulling me into the water. I moved closer to him as we chat and i slowly placed my hand on his thighs, moving closer to his sensitive area. Then i touched it. He was speechless. I slowly rub it for him then i suddenly stop and i told him that I know he need it, but i am not helping him, I will make it worse and let him suffer. Before he could react, i started again. But this time, he was prepared for it. He held my hands and pin me to the bed. He laid on top of me, his chest touching my breasts. We looked into each other's eyes and kissed. What happened next is too personal to be written here, but i really had a good time that night. I haven't had a real thing in me for more than 1 year already and i know now that i miss it.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Thank you

I like to thank everyone who have given me their support and for trying to cheer me up. I really am feeling better. Big One has once again blocked me from his msn. I don't know if i should try to contact him again but i am putting the pieces of my life back in place.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Sad... very sad...

It has been over a week since the news was broken to me. For all those who dunno what happened, someone i like juz told me that we should just be friends and he got someone else he like. Normally, i wun take this to heart so much but i shall explain everything here. "Big One" is a ex bf of a friend's friend. Who started becoming close after he broke up with is ex gf. I enjoyed my time with him. He kept insisting that he likes me more than his ex and wanted me to be his gf, until 1 day he said he still loves her. He then broke off contact with me for a few months and i thought it would be good for him to sort things out. Recently, he came back and he only wanted to be friends andtold me after this other gal that he liked, someone who was with him during the months that he stayed away from me. I find this very unfair. I feel played by him. When he was down, i was there for him. When he needed it, I helped him (thus the nick "big one"). now he is saying he was just confused and he never really liked me. I mean when he was enjoying himself, he never said anything like that, now there is another gal, i become what? surplus to requirements? and guess what he actually wanted me to help him virtually 4 days ago. I am sad, for myself and for him.