Sunday, July 20, 2008

Big One is getting married and the bride is not me..

The title speaks for itself. Yes, I and Big One have been apart for quite some time already. But I did not expect him to be married so soon and to top it off, his wife to be used his MSN to chat with me and WARN me not to get involved with him anymore. A lot of angry words were involved in our conversation and she ended with calling me a slut. My mood went from sad to angry to helpless all in an hour. still missing him and the great times we had together.,,,

Friday, July 18, 2008

Been very long

yup.. i know i have not been writing for a very long time. I also know a lot of my readers out there want me to write more about my life these days. It is just that i have been super busy. Imagine working everyday till 8-9pm then go home and continue working, even though i have a 5 day work week, i sometimes (5 out of 6) got back to work on weekends ALONE in office. All this and not a word of encouragement from my boss. I would have called it quits over a year before if not for the money i am being paid. Been too busy and tired to enjoy myself, so nothing to tell the guys reading this out there about those things you want to hear. To be direct, no sex, nothing kinky for you to imagine etc. I am so tired that i don't even have time to "help myself" these days. Things that are interesting me these days are the Anwar case and the Ren Ci case. Not going to say much until some verdict is out incase i get quoted in the media. Will find time to update my blog again soon.