Saturday, August 16, 2008

Breaking records...(Landy has been a bad gal)

Olympics is on and is the hottest news there is anywhere in this world but it is of no interest to me. The news of Big One getting married and the harassment from his wife to be left me in a very bad mood. When I was offered a free beach resort holiday, I accepted without much thinking. In fact, I just returned from a short 3 day holiday with a male friend, the one i mentioned before with a swimming pool. The only thing I told myself before going was that I am there to relax and have fun but I am not going to engage into any sexual activity.

That promise was quickly broken on the 1st night. It was romantic, I was sad and a bit drunk but I enjoyed the session. We went on to break a no. of my previous records, no. of orgasms in a day, no. of sessions in 2 days, no. of sessions in 3 days, most positions before orgasm, longest time to orgase, etc.

He even fulfilled my fantasy. It involves me, a remote controlled dildo and public places. You all go piece them together. Although I really enjoyed the 3 days, I ended up with this feeling of guilt. I have promised to stop ONS and casual sex and yet I am back into doing this. Some sessions were RAW which makes me much more guilty and worried.

I need time to calm down and get my life back together.