Friday, September 28, 2007

NO updates for awhile

I know i have not been updating for a long while but i have been busy with work. Very busy and tired. I do not think i will update this anytime soon, and given that not much people read this, i may stop it entirely. If anyone noticed, i uploaded new photos.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

New photo site

Yahoo Photos is closing down and i was asked to move them or lose them. Well i have moved them and updated the link on the right. The question is should i post more of my photos? I decided not to post or update my photos a long time ago due to the amount of imposters out there. Should i upload and share more and put myself at risk and headaches again?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Not much action...

I know a lot of people has been waiting for my next post. But frankly i got nothing much to share. Nowadays is just DIY. Too busy and tired to meet anyone. 2 things i can talk about here. 1 is I starting to miss Big One again. We have not been able to find time to even chat properly but i miss him. 2nd is this other guy who has been chatting with me. I shall call him K here. He has been trying to chat with me daily and voice chat with me even though i do not have a cam or mic. No need to make any guesses, yes, he has been trying to be naughty with me during the chats and has been trying to ask me out for fun sessions. I have never been a fan of phone sex and is very careful about giving out my no. but i admit that sometimes the noise he makes make it hard for me to control myself.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Met my ex....

Well, I was a surprise that i met my ex at a pub on friday night. We never went to thatpub before so it was a surprise for us to see each other there. We spend some time talking about old times and stuff.. (NO, we have no intentions to be back together.) He had quite a no. of drinks that night and had difficulty going home. So i had to send him home. He lives in a private condo. I will skip the details but somehow the lift broke down with the 2 of us stuck inside. We were chatting while waiting for the repairman to come. I drank a bit too that night and was not in a very clear state of mind. I only remembered us kissing and him touching my pussy through my string. It felt good and he knows how to please me. (I wonder if he was really drunk.) He licked me till i cum and i did the same for him. We never went all the way in the lift and we were lucky we didn't because the repairman came soon enough. I had half a mind to continue the session in his room but somehow i didn't. When I left, i saw the security guard smiling at me and i was wondering what happened. then i realised how stupid we were. There is a CCTV in the lift!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

No more Restraints

Big One is NOT going to stop me from doing ANYTHING anymore.. at least that is what he said. Meaning no one stopping me from ONS, flirting etc. I haven't been down to doing anything yet because of how busy my work is. Nowadays it is just me and my dildos. Not surprisingly, more people have been trying to ask me out for sex. Some people are trying to seduce me online almost everytime they see me. To tell the truth, i am getting sick of some of them. It is like if i am busy doing work, they still expect me to reply them, some go to the extent of using vuglarities on me. Big One is still in contact with me but i no longer update him what i do behind his back. Hope my free weekends come real soon, because i am running out of batteries. Haha....

Monday, May 28, 2007

So LONG...

Nope i am not talking about big one... I am talking about how long i never written anything. Been too busy to mett big one, too busy to come online, too busy to blog.. Its been WORK, WORK, WORK.... Ahhhhhhhh......... I want my life back.... maybe i should quit after all....

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Big One again!!!

After my last post, i have started getting some new fans. Well, I got bad news for my new fans out there. Big One is back in my life. Yes, he unblocked me and we are talking again. The 1st thing he did was to stop me from ONS again.. well not totally.. I can still do it with him.... in fact i am meeting him tomorrow night to do it. My relationship with him has been getting more and more complicated. He has a gf now but he is still treating me very intimately. He even promised me not to kiss his gf goodnight forever, just to kiss me. Now i am very confused again... Does he love me more than his gf or does he love doing it with me? His gf is not helping him and he is not getting to do anything with her because she is a Christian. Is what he is giving me now love or lust?

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Back to my old ways

I am once again getting back on my old ways. I thought i grew out of it some time ago but i guess i never really did. Yes, i am back with my wild ways. ONS if you still dun get it. It all happened last night. I was bored and could not sleep at 1am, then 1 of my net friends of a few months was chatting with me. He asked if i was interested to go to his house. He lives in a bungalow and his parents were overseas. His house looked big and nice in the picture and he offered to drive me there and back. Well he also promised to behave himself and we will not drink. (You guys know how easily i get drunk and how badly i behave when drunk.) I thought i seemed safe enough and said yes. I never really dressed up, just a tank top and a skirt (with bra and string of coz). Through out the journey, he was gentlemen enough. His house was bigger then i thought. The maid was asleep by then and instead of waking the maid, he did most of the things himself, getting water etc. We were chatting by the swimming pool and he asked if i wanted a night swim. I told him i was not prepared for it and he suggested skinny dipping. I said ok and went close to the pool. He followed beside me. As i was about to undress myself, i asked him to close his eyes. He did so. Then i pushed him into the pool and started laughing. Until i noticed him struggling in the water. Ok, i carried my joke too far so i better save him, or so i thought. Before i could help him out, he dragged me into the pool. We ended up playing in the pool since we were both drenched. After awhile i got out, and asked to use his bathroom to bathe and also i asked for something to change into. His eyes never left my body after i got out of the pool. My clothes were all sticking to my body and i know what he was trying to see, in fact it was obvious that he had a hardon. I bathed in his room, there was nothing for me to wear so he went to wash my clothes for me. I was lucky he has a dryer. But it was very funny, passing my bra and string to him. I don't know what he did to them while i bathed. After i bathed, i was in his oversized bathrobe chatting with him in his room. I knew i looked very seducing and he had a hard time controlling himself. I wanted to punish him for pulling me into the water. I moved closer to him as we chat and i slowly placed my hand on his thighs, moving closer to his sensitive area. Then i touched it. He was speechless. I slowly rub it for him then i suddenly stop and i told him that I know he need it, but i am not helping him, I will make it worse and let him suffer. Before he could react, i started again. But this time, he was prepared for it. He held my hands and pin me to the bed. He laid on top of me, his chest touching my breasts. We looked into each other's eyes and kissed. What happened next is too personal to be written here, but i really had a good time that night. I haven't had a real thing in me for more than 1 year already and i know now that i miss it.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Thank you

I like to thank everyone who have given me their support and for trying to cheer me up. I really am feeling better. Big One has once again blocked me from his msn. I don't know if i should try to contact him again but i am putting the pieces of my life back in place.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Sad... very sad...

It has been over a week since the news was broken to me. For all those who dunno what happened, someone i like juz told me that we should just be friends and he got someone else he like. Normally, i wun take this to heart so much but i shall explain everything here. "Big One" is a ex bf of a friend's friend. Who started becoming close after he broke up with is ex gf. I enjoyed my time with him. He kept insisting that he likes me more than his ex and wanted me to be his gf, until 1 day he said he still loves her. He then broke off contact with me for a few months and i thought it would be good for him to sort things out. Recently, he came back and he only wanted to be friends andtold me after this other gal that he liked, someone who was with him during the months that he stayed away from me. I find this very unfair. I feel played by him. When he was down, i was there for him. When he needed it, I helped him (thus the nick "big one"). now he is saying he was just confused and he never really liked me. I mean when he was enjoying himself, he never said anything like that, now there is another gal, i become what? surplus to requirements? and guess what he actually wanted me to help him virtually 4 days ago. I am sad, for myself and for him.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Who is the coward that passed my msn to others then tell them not to let me know who you are? What is your intent and why are you so scared to let me know who you are?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

I don't provide "special" service

Recently there is someone wanting to pay me to provide him service and he quoted up to 1.5k an hour... The money is a very tempting but i am no freelancer or prostitute.

Save the Dolphins?

Its' been awhile since i wrote anything here. Recently i received a mail asking me to donate and spread the word about the dolphins dying off the coast of Japan. Then i started asking myself what is so special about these dolphins that people want to save them. I came to the conclusion that people ae trying to "save" some animals because they look cute. I know a lot of you out there will be telling me that these are endangered species and all but i do not see any one or group petitioning to save some endangered bugs and insects. Is this the kind of the world we want to live in? Everyone is so fake and there is a hidden agenda in so many things we do.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Picture hosting

Something is wrong with the picture hosting site i am using.. can someone recommand me some free site?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Guys and their minds!!!

New post finally after 1 month +... thought of ending this but think i will give blogging 1 more chance. Was on msn late last night and a guy started asking me for help.. No, he wasn't wanting me to help him relieve him of his desires.. He wanted me to teach him how to seduce a gal and make her high. Now this is a 32 yr old man who divorced before.. and he needs a 24 yr old gal to teach him how to please a gal... Are Sg men that bad at it? I know lots of gals out there fake their orgasm to make the guy feel good or just to get it over with but for a guy to go to the extend of asking other gals how he should please a gal!! This goes to show juz how lousy guys in singapore are..

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wishlist and Photos

It appears that my wishlist and photos are attracting quite some attention. Well.. i should be happy that people are reading my blog and everything else on it. I know that i look nice in my makeover pictures. (Else i would not have posted them nor spend so much money on them. ) So GUYS please stop telling me they are nice.. If that is all you have to say, i know that already.. As for items i have in my wishlist, i can wish for more of things that i have right.. But i am NOT asking anyone out there to get anything for me... Mostly are just things that i wished i had.. Probably i will save up and get them sooner or later on my own.


Hmm.... It seems that more people read my blog than i think. This brings me to the next issue.. Why is everyone so open and supportive of me and encourage me on my MSN but only 3 guys bothered to leave me a comment? Although you can choose to remain annoymanous by leaving a comment, people are reluctant to leave one. I really don't understand some of the people out there. By sending me messeges in MSN, i know who you are but i will know who you are if you leave your name in the comments too. Does that mean people want to comment and encourage me but dare not let others know? Is it a disgrace that you know me? Why else are you afraid of letting others know that you are supportive of me?

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Is anyone even reading this?

I know i have been writing for only awhile.. but it seems like no one is even reading this... No comments at all... Think i will lose interest and close this soon...

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Strange Habits?

SOMEONE has been complaining about my habits and i see nothing wrong with them. WHO said my habits are strange? Just because you don't know about other people doing it doesn't make it wrong or strange. I mean lots of gals don't wear bras at home, so whats wrong with doing it? It is not like i go around parading and showing people that i am not wearing a bra. As for the fact that i get wet easily, it is not up to me. I am born with such a body and i can do nothing about it. As for sleeping in the nude, well it is cooling isn't it and i don't do that daily? I am sure i have more supporters than people who object to what i am doing.


Yes, i like to take pictures of myself.. Spent quite an amount on makeovers already. I mean all gals want to look beautiful right? So whats wrong with spending some money retaining memories of how nice i look?

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

My 1st Post

Feeling bored.... thats' why this was started. Maybe i will follow up... maybe i will forget about it.