Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wishlist and Photos

It appears that my wishlist and photos are attracting quite some attention. Well.. i should be happy that people are reading my blog and everything else on it. I know that i look nice in my makeover pictures. (Else i would not have posted them nor spend so much money on them. ) So GUYS please stop telling me they are nice.. If that is all you have to say, i know that already.. As for items i have in my wishlist, i can wish for more of things that i have right.. But i am NOT asking anyone out there to get anything for me... Mostly are just things that i wished i had.. Probably i will save up and get them sooner or later on my own.


Hmm.... It seems that more people read my blog than i think. This brings me to the next issue.. Why is everyone so open and supportive of me and encourage me on my MSN but only 3 guys bothered to leave me a comment? Although you can choose to remain annoymanous by leaving a comment, people are reluctant to leave one. I really don't understand some of the people out there. By sending me messeges in MSN, i know who you are but i will know who you are if you leave your name in the comments too. Does that mean people want to comment and encourage me but dare not let others know? Is it a disgrace that you know me? Why else are you afraid of letting others know that you are supportive of me?

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Is anyone even reading this?

I know i have been writing for only awhile.. but it seems like no one is even reading this... No comments at all... Think i will lose interest and close this soon...

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Strange Habits?

SOMEONE has been complaining about my habits and i see nothing wrong with them. WHO said my habits are strange? Just because you don't know about other people doing it doesn't make it wrong or strange. I mean lots of gals don't wear bras at home, so whats wrong with doing it? It is not like i go around parading and showing people that i am not wearing a bra. As for the fact that i get wet easily, it is not up to me. I am born with such a body and i can do nothing about it. As for sleeping in the nude, well it is cooling isn't it and i don't do that daily? I am sure i have more supporters than people who object to what i am doing.


Yes, i like to take pictures of myself.. Spent quite an amount on makeovers already. I mean all gals want to look beautiful right? So whats wrong with spending some money retaining memories of how nice i look?

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

My 1st Post

Feeling bored.... thats' why this was started. Maybe i will follow up... maybe i will forget about it.