Sunday, November 24, 2013

Long awaited update

I don't know if anyone is still following this blog given that i did not update this for years. There wasn't much worth writing about until recently.

I was at a club without my bf as he was sick. I was dressed in a white tube and black mini skirt. I was at a dance floor after a few drinks and this guy who has been paying for my drinks and trying to chat me up was dancing with me. His hand had been brushing along my back for a long time and the below conversation happened.

Me: You keep brushing my back.... you looking for something ah?
Him: ya... Nu bra?
Me: nope... No Bra...
Him: (smiling) any panties then?
Me: You want to find out for yourself?
He got close and his hand went up my skirt. I could feel his fingers touch my g string.

Me: Got your answer liao?
Him: ya...
Then instead of taking his hand out, he started rubbing me thru my panties.

Me: what are you doing?
Instead of replying, he already slip his hand through the side of my string to touch my pussy.
Him: ohh.... you shave huh....
Then his fingers started going into my pussy. I had to stick close to him to prevent people from seeing what we were doing.
Him: Getting wet and horny aren't you.
He fingered me for awhile and finally took his hand out...
Him: You want to go somewhere? I drive.
Me: Ok.
Then he whisper in my ear: you want to take it off before coming?
Him: I wait outside for you.

I said my byes with my friends and left the club. He was outside waiting for me and brought me to his car.

Him: So... did you take it off??
Me: No....
He look disappointed.
Me: There was a queue at the ladies.
Him: oh.....
He still seems a bit disappointed. I shifted in my seat and with my hands, managed to slip it off in his car. he was looking at me with his eyes wide open the whole time.
Me: happy now?
Him: very...

He drove to Mount faber and we got out to see the night view. It was quiet and no one seems to me around. As we walk back to his car, he asked.
Him: so shall we carry on where we left off at the club??
With that we kissed. We were beside his car and me got me to lead on his car boot while he fingered me. after awhile he turned me around and entered me in a standing doggy position, holding my breasts as he pumped me. It didn't take too long before he came in the condom. We got ourselves dressed and then he sent me home..


Unknown said...

long wait d....happy that u back

Anonymous said...

well worth the wait, HGal!

Hope to read more updates from you, and also a chance to have some fun with you when I am in SG.


Anonymous said...

Wow. It turns me on. Hope I can find you one day and make out together. Love you.

HornyGuy1982 said...

Very, very lucky fella...Would love to have the honour to bring you to Mt Faber one day too ;)