Saturday, January 6, 2007

Strange Habits?

SOMEONE has been complaining about my habits and i see nothing wrong with them. WHO said my habits are strange? Just because you don't know about other people doing it doesn't make it wrong or strange. I mean lots of gals don't wear bras at home, so whats wrong with doing it? It is not like i go around parading and showing people that i am not wearing a bra. As for the fact that i get wet easily, it is not up to me. I am born with such a body and i can do nothing about it. As for sleeping in the nude, well it is cooling isn't it and i don't do that daily? I am sure i have more supporters than people who object to what i am doing.


Anonymous said...

Why bother on how ppl look at you, just truth to be urself. As for the blog, i believe more ppl will give a comment. Just keep it up gal. Cheers!!

Alan said...

First of all, those people who said that girls not wearing a bra at home are totally ignorant. Scientists have proven that it's healthier not to wear bra at home. As a matter of fact, human beings originated without wearing bra. It's some stupid idiots who created such a thing to make their boobs look good. Or does it? Look at Cameron Diaz, the no.1 advocates of not wearing bra. Ain't she got nice boobs?

As for getting wet easily, that again is proven to be healthy. Why? You might ask. Cos it lubricates you know where and make love making more pleasurable. Thus leading to better sex life and the list just goes on and on.

And finally, sleeping nude. Sadly, it's not accepted in this conservative country. But there is actually nothing wrong with that. Nudist are Naturalist. And being close to nature makes one feel free. Well, don't think typical idiotic human beings understand that.

如果有一天...完美的一天 said...

Braless at home? Just lovely...I wanna be your neighbour! haha

wet easily? Well, make the best of it...don't can dry up too...just ask HoneyBitch...keke

Sleeping in the buff? Therapeutic! Just make sure the air con is not too cold

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong at all with not wearing a bra! Ppl who say its weird should try wearing one 24hrs a day and see how it feels. As Alan said, not wearing a bra at home is healthy for the breast. As long as you wear one when you exercise to prevent it from sagging, its ok to go braless at all other times!

Vandalin said...

If there's a vacant flat next door, lemme know will ya?