Thursday, January 11, 2007


Hmm.... It seems that more people read my blog than i think. This brings me to the next issue.. Why is everyone so open and supportive of me and encourage me on my MSN but only 3 guys bothered to leave me a comment? Although you can choose to remain annoymanous by leaving a comment, people are reluctant to leave one. I really don't understand some of the people out there. By sending me messeges in MSN, i know who you are but i will know who you are if you leave your name in the comments too. Does that mean people want to comment and encourage me but dare not let others know? Is it a disgrace that you know me? Why else are you afraid of letting others know that you are supportive of me?


Dennis said...

Good that you continue blogging after 3 guys which include me MSN Nick * Iceman * who support you earlier. =) Can see that Blogging is getting to be a bit frustrating thing for u to do, but pls...a blog is for u to share your thoughts and vent out your anger for others to know, so as long as u continue, i sure many other ppl will start supporting and stay been identifying themselves alrd =)

Alan said...

Relax gal. This is sadly the typical country that we all live in. People can't be bothered to leave comments.People to busy with their own lives. People who are selfish etc..... The list goes on and on.

They dare to speak up let alone write comments. That's why we are always a developing country. Cos the people never gets developed. Physically and mentally.

Tell you a classic joke. Someone once tell me in front of my face she is a blogger and as a blogger, she can tell how a person feels when that person reads out his blog to her. What a joke! Super Egoistic Woman!

Keep writing! You have my support.