Monday, October 6, 2008

Jack and Landy

I am thinking of banning Jack from coming to my house. My parents have been overseas last week and he has been kind enough to bring me meals as I have no mood to go out. It was all fine until Saturday night i gave in to his wishes. Well i have not been touching myself for quite a long time nor has anyone helped me and he offered to help. But he just kept helping me that night. I dunno how he did it but he was like a Duracell bunny that kept going and going and going.... After that night, i felt that it is not right since things are so unclear now and he really do until my pussy was sore from all his licking, fingering and poking. We started at like 8pm till 2am with 1hr rest, was quite crazy, though not as crazy as the time we had overseas. I must say he has been getting better at it.


jack said...

yar... and Landy was like a Duracell Bunny with a battery in reverse, just kept coming and coming (cuming and cuming). haha....

Anonymous said...

Yes i would vote to BAN Jack from going to ur house anymore ..

i dun like Jack ..
.. Ban Mr Duracell pls .. haha


Anonymous said...

Hmm, just a comment ... so half way fucking her .... you come online to leave a comment on saturday ... isn't that a bit strange??

jack said...

I was just done with her and was resting before I do her again. I even made her change her msn display name to tell all her friends that she was getting fucked by me. She was still looking at her pc while i fucked her.

Hanalulu resident said...

look like u owning Landy bunny~
just beware little bunny come out