Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jack's size

My dear readers, please stop commenting on his size. It is not that small lah. I providing proof below. I will remove it in 1 week.
(pic removed)


raz said...

wow that's something... so u do really enjoy it do u landy?
no wonder he still can keep in touch with u haha impressive

jack said...

yar... this pic do more justice to me

Anonymous said...

Jack be nimble
Jack be quick
Jack has a little candlestick

Anonymous said...

who know is it really jack...maybe they just take any pic and pose..suggest maybe place a sg newspaper with date to prove... hahah

Anonymous said...

why not show us your tits instead?

And let us comment?
Big he is.
Limp may be?

Longer it is, softer it is.
Law of nature.

Anonymous said...

landy = beauty
landy = character
landy = generosity ... yeah

why there is only one ? :(
i want landy also ...


Anonymous said...

I just enjoyed looking at your pussy.